Changing The Precession Of Percent Of Columns In Pivot Table

We have an added feature “Percent of” to find the percentage for a measure w.r.t a dimension in pivot table. Here using this “Percent of” feature we will get the percentages up to single Decimal place only.
If the requirement comes like to increase the Decimal places for this percent of calculated columns. In OBIEE there is no direct option to achieve this requirement. For this we need to alter the Advanced XML to achieve this.
The detailed procedure is as follows. I had worked this task with Paint Repository (Which came by default with OBIEE)

1. Take Markets. Region and Sales Measures. Dollars from Criteria.
2. Go for pivot view.
3. And create one duplicate column for dollars and rename the duplicate dollars column as “Percentage of Region”
4. Now to get the “Percentage of Region” values as percentage of dollars w.r.t Region go for column properties tab and click the Show Data As->Percent of->Column.

5. Now we will get the percentage of values for “Percentage of Region” Column.

6. Here Observe the percentages values and their Decimal places, we have only one decimal place for the values.

7. Now to increase these decimal places we need to alter the Advanced XML as there is no direct option to do this.

8. Click the Advanced Tab to alter the XML.

9. To Increase the Decimal places for percent of column we need to change the “mindigits” and “maxdigits” values to require no. of Decimal places we want to search for the “minDigits” and “maxDigits” tags

Percentage of Region

10. Now change this mindigits and masdigits values to ‘3 ‘ to get 3 decimal places percentage values

Percentage of Region

11. Now click the button and view the results in pivot table
12. And observe the results for percent of column with 3 decimal places as follows

13. By this way we can show the required no. of decimal places for pivot table’s percent of column.





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Cross Tab With Missing Cells Data In Database

This is senario based screenshot.

Step1:Go to column properties > Conditional Format of measure column

Step2:Add Action > Measure Column and add the following filter (isnull) as shown

Step3:In Edit Format window, select and apply Strikethrough from the Effects option dropdown.

Step4:Here is the result .


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MultiUser Development Of Repositories

1. Create one folder called SharedFolder on the desktop.

2. Select one rpd from the repository and go to Tools–>Options click on multi-user and browse the path for the Shared Folder and give the name as MUD and click ok.

3. Now go to Manage–>Projects in the same rpd Now click on  Action and create New Project.

Give the  name and add all the catalog,users,groups,varibles to the New Project.

4. Similarly like that create another Project.

5. Save that rpd and paste that rpd in the shared folder.

6. Open the rpd from the shared folder and go to File–>MultiUser–>CheckoutThen it will browse for the projects which we had created.


7. Next save that rpd using another name.

8. Now goto File–>MultiUser–>Merge Local Changes.


9. Click on ok.

10. Click on Merge.

11. After clicking the Publish Repository it will be saved into master Repository in the SharedFolder.



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Change ‘Go’ Button Name of OBIEE Dashboard Prompt

Change ‘Go’ Button Name of OBIEE Dashboard Prompt

By default, prompt button name will appear as follows:

Now Button Name Go has to change to desired Name

  • Navigate to {OracleBIDir}:\oraclebi\web\msgdb\l_en\messages
  • Open globalfiltermessages.xml file (before opening this file, you better take backup of this file)
  • Locate the following text

<WebMessage name="kmsgGFPGo"><TEXT>Go</TEXT></WebMessage>

  • Edit the text ‘Go’ to your desired text.
  • Here I am editing it to ‘Confirm’

<WebMessage name="kmsgGFPGo"><TEXT>Confirm</TEXT></WebMessage>

  • Save the changes to file
  • Restart Presentation service

See the change in text of dashboard prompt Go button, now it’s changed to Confirm button

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Clear Prompts In Dashboards

In order to clear the prompts take “TEXT” in to the dash boards and paste it in “TEXT” and click HTML tab and do preview then we will get clear prompts in the dashboard.

<div style=”padding-right: 200px; text-align: center”><p><a href=”#” onclick=”return PersonalizationEditor.removeDefaultSelection(false)”>Clear Prompts</a></p>

Place this code in the TEXT area.

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