MultiUser Development Of Repositories

1. Create one folder called SharedFolder on the desktop.

2. Select one rpd from the repository and go to Tools–>Options click on multi-user and browse the path for the Shared Folder and give the name as MUD and click ok.

3. Now go to Manage–>Projects in the same rpd Now click on  Action and create New Project.

Give the  name and add all the catalog,users,groups,varibles to the New Project.

4. Similarly like that create another Project.

5. Save that rpd and paste that rpd in the shared folder.

6. Open the rpd from the shared folder and go to File–>MultiUser–>CheckoutThen it will browse for the projects which we had created.


7. Next save that rpd using another name.

8. Now goto File–>MultiUser–>Merge Local Changes.


9. Click on ok.

10. Click on Merge.

11. After clicking the Publish Repository it will be saved into master Repository in the SharedFolder.



By bidevatapraveenkumar Posted in OBIEE

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