Changing The Precession Of Percent Of Columns In Pivot Table

We have an added feature “Percent of” to find the percentage for a measure w.r.t a dimension in pivot table. Here using this “Percent of” feature we will get the percentages up to single Decimal place only.
If the requirement comes like to increase the Decimal places for this percent of calculated columns. In OBIEE there is no direct option to achieve this requirement. For this we need to alter the Advanced XML to achieve this.
The detailed procedure is as follows. I had worked this task with Paint Repository (Which came by default with OBIEE)

1. Take Markets. Region and Sales Measures. Dollars from Criteria.
2. Go for pivot view.
3. And create one duplicate column for dollars and rename the duplicate dollars column as “Percentage of Region”
4. Now to get the “Percentage of Region” values as percentage of dollars w.r.t Region go for column properties tab and click the Show Data As->Percent of->Column.

5. Now we will get the percentage of values for “Percentage of Region” Column.

6. Here Observe the percentages values and their Decimal places, we have only one decimal place for the values.

7. Now to increase these decimal places we need to alter the Advanced XML as there is no direct option to do this.

8. Click the Advanced Tab to alter the XML.

9. To Increase the Decimal places for percent of column we need to change the “mindigits” and “maxdigits” values to require no. of Decimal places we want to search for the “minDigits” and “maxDigits” tags

Percentage of Region

10. Now change this mindigits and masdigits values to ‘3 ‘ to get 3 decimal places percentage values

Percentage of Region

11. Now click the button and view the results in pivot table
12. And observe the results for percent of column with 3 decimal places as follows

13. By this way we can show the required no. of decimal places for pivot table’s percent of column.





By bidevatapraveenkumar Posted in OBIEE

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