Selecting a single value and showing a Range.

This post shows how you can use presentation variables to select a single value in a dashboard prompt and produce a result set that includes a range of values.

Step1: Set a presentation variable with the dashboard prompt.

Step2: Open the Year column in Answers and create the report in this format by giving the SQL Expression and calling the Presentation Variable.

Now the filter Looks like this.

Now click the edit filter and enable the Protect Filter.

Step3: Dont be panic if we click on Display Results then we will get a error its because we are not passing value to the Presentation Variable.

This can be resolved by placing both the prompt and report in the Dashboard.

Step4: Save the report and place the report and prompt in the Dashboard.

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Merging of OBIEE Repositories.

Step 1:

Make sure while merging you are working offline in Administrator tool.

Merging originally designed to work with three repositories. As we have just two repositories we will create a dummy repository.

Go to Administration — > File — > New and create a new repository call Merge.rpd

Step 2:

Open the Paint Merge.rpd in offline.


Step 3:

Merge Paint Rpd with duplicate RPD which we created (Merge).

Go to File — > Merge and select Merge.rpd


Step 4:

Click Select for the Modified Repository and select Sample Sales Merge.rpd

Step 5:

In decision you can either select Modified or Current. As we are merging 2 different repository it is ok. select Merge. You will see an error message called : Delete Failed. Just ignore that message.


Step 6:

Now you will see both the repository merged as below.


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Session Logout in OBIEE 10g.

When a session is idle for 4 minutes on a dashboard and when the user clicks Go button or navigates to another dashboard for access then it should log him out,this can be done by adding  some tags in the instanceconfig.xml file in Windows Environment.
Before doing this please make ensure that you had taken the back up of the instanceconfig.xml file.

<ClientSessionExpireMinutes>4    </ClientSessionExpireMinutes>

Now your requirement will be completed.

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