Merging of OBIEE Repositories.

Step 1:

Make sure while merging you are working offline in Administrator tool.

Merging originally designed to work with three repositories. As we have just two repositories we will create a dummy repository.

Go to Administration — > File — > New and create a new repository call Merge.rpd

Step 2:

Open the Paint Merge.rpd in offline.


Step 3:

Merge Paint Rpd with duplicate RPD which we created (Merge).

Go to File — > Merge and select Merge.rpd


Step 4:

Click Select for the Modified Repository and select Sample Sales Merge.rpd

Step 5:

In decision you can either select Modified or Current. As we are merging 2 different repository it is ok. select Merge. You will see an error message called : Delete Failed. Just ignore that message.


Step 6:

Now you will see both the repository merged as below.


By bidevatapraveenkumar Posted in OBIEE

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