New Features in OBIEE 11g(RPD)

New Features Descripton
ID Columns for Descriptive Columns (“Double-columns”) Allows you to specify another logical column as the ID column for a descriptor
Lookup Tables LOOKUP function introduced with OBIEE 11g allows lookups on logical and physical tables
Support for Ragged, Skip-Level and Parent-Child Hierarchies Level-based hierarchies may have skip-levels, or ragged hierarchies,Skip-levels are when members may not have an immediate parent,Ragged hierarchies are when leaf members are not all at the same level
Hierarchical Subject Area Columns We can bring hierarchy to the subject area and make use of it while creating the reports
LTS Priority Ordering
Repository Passwords In the file –>we can find the change password option
Deployment of Repository Files using Fusion Middleware Control
New in : Oracle OLAP as a Data Source OBIEE supports Oracle OLAP 10.2+ as a data source.Administration Tool can connect to AW metadata and import as MOLAP source
Fact to Dimension join in the physical Layer In the physical layer , we have to use join from dimension to fact for the rpd modelling
User and Group are defined in the Enterprise Manger In OBIEE 11g , we can create user and group and defined the roles to the group by enterprise manager
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