New Features in OBIEE 11g(UI)

New Features Description
Chart Sliding This feature allows a column prompt to be displayed as a slider and the user can use the slider to “slide” thru the specific values of that column, changing the chart view for each value.
Chart Zoom Chart Zoom allows the user to zoom to a set of values while in a chart view. To use the Chart Zoom Feature, edit the properties of a chart using the Answers Analysis Editor and check the ‘Zoom and Scroll’ property in the Canvas tab.
Hierarchies and In-place Drill In earlier version interacting with dimensional hierarchy meant drilling down from one level to next which added a new column to output. In addition to this behavior, OBIEE 11g has provided for interacting with the hierarchy by expanding and collapsing individual levels within the same report column using the plus (+) and minus (-) icons adjacent to the displayed member values. This way you can easily navigate across various dimensions. This is more of a paradigm shift from static hierarchical experience to dynamic hierarchical experience.
Map-based Visualizations Allows users to visualize their analytics datausing maps,thus bringing the intuitiveness of the spatial visualizations to the world of business intelligence.
Improved and Enhanced Report indexing or Report search facilities
Master-Detail Linking Master-detail linking of views allows us to establish a relationship between two or more views such that one view, called the master view, will drive data changes in the other (connected) views, called detail views.
Cascading Prompts We can have Page Break in prompts,scrolling of prompts.
Will be Available from Apple iTunes App Store Devices supported: iPhone 3GS, 4, iPad
KPI A KPI is a measurement of a particular business process which is compared against specific goals and objectives of an organization.KPI’s are typically tracked over time as a way
to monitor performance and drive business decisions to help improve upon that performance.
Scorecard and Strategy Management Scorecard ultimately is about the identification of a small number of financial and non-financial measures and attaching targets to them, so that when they are reviewed it is possible to determine whether current performance ‘meets expectations’. The idea behind this is that by alerting managers to areas where performance deviates from expectations, they can be encouraged to focus their attention on these areas, and hopefully as a result trigger improved performance within the part of the organization they lead.
WatchLists Very useful feature where you can track multiple KPIs at the same time and you can collect interrelated KPIs and make their list and keep them on dashboard for ready reference.
Action Link Menu Used to link Different Webpages,BI Content,http Request,Java Method,Browser Script,Web Service.
Folder Which is used to browse the reports in the folder.
Alert Section Which is used for Alert Mechanism.
Selection Steps selection steps are applied on a column-level basis and provide two methods for limiting the data.
Interaction and WriteBack In column Properties the Interaction and Write Back was given in new tab but in 10g we got those in Column Format.
Interchange Of Columns Order We can interchange the columns from left to right and vice versa even in the Dashboards.We can move the Columns from Prompts,Sections in the Dashboards.
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