Upgrade from OBIEE 10g To 11g

Upgrade from OBIEE 10g To 11g


Upgrading Oracle Business Intelligence from 10g to 11g is performed by Upgrade Assistant.The Upgrade Assistant provides option for RPD and Presentation Catalog upgrades.If you have multiple RPDs and Web Catalogs, you must run Upgrade Assistant once for each RPD and Web Catalog.

10g to 11g Report Catalog Upgrade Flow:

Prerequisites before running Upgrade Assistant:

Check consistency of repository and save it, remove errors.

Choose and note down the name of repository and the web catalog (Dashboard Reports),credential (login information) you want to upgrade.

Keep information about connection pool settings and the database/ data source name with its credential.

Manually copy the following files, paths, style sheets, and skins from the Oracle BI EE 10g installation to the Oracle BI EE 11g installation. You can also use Oracle Enterprise Manager to refer the 11ginstallation to the 10g files.

Before running Upgrade Assistant configure TNSNAMES.ora in your 11g  system so that it connects to any databases used by the RPD. In addition, any custom changes to the Oracle BI EE 10g configuration files, for example, instanceconfig.xml, are not upgraded by Upgrade Assistant. You must manually edit the 11g configuration files to re-apply the customizations.

The following configuration changes may be necessary before running Upgrade Assistant:

  1. Confirm any datasources used by your RPD are configured in the 11g system.
  2. If you configured the nqsconfig.ini file in the 10g system for database authentication, you must copy over the same configurations to the 11g version of the files.

How to Upgrade RPD and Web Catalog:


Upgrade Assistant Command-Line Options:

The following arguments can be used when you launch the Upgrade Assistant graphical user interface:

On Windows systems:


[-logLevel log_level]

On UNIX systems:


[-logLevel log_level]

[-invPtrLoc inventory_location]

To start the Upgrade Assistant using the graphical user interface, change the directory to the ORACLE_HOME/bin directory of the Oracle Fusion Middleware installation.

1.  Upload your 10g RPD onto the Box where you have previously installed OBIEE 11g
2.  Now navigate to $OracleBI_HOME/bin and execute the “ua” utility
3.  This utility is available in both Windows and Linux

Open the Terminal and browse the path.


è Welcome

Click Next in the first welcome screen.


è RPD & Catalog

Select Upgrade Oracle BI RPD and Presentation Catalog. Click Next to continue.


è Source

Enter the Source information as shown in below screen shot.

Select Upgrade Repository (RPD) and Upgrade Catalog (Web Catalog) browse the ,enter the login credentials of RPD in 10g and new password for 11g.


è WebLogic Server

Specify Web logic server details.

Requires port number Credentials which are used to start the Oracle Business Intelligence–>BI Services.


è Examine

Examination of components will start and generate a log file automatically.

We can check out the log file,the path is displayed at the bottom of the Examiner Screen.Click Next after getting Succeeded message.


è Upgrade Summary

check the directory path of rpd and web catalog you have entered in RPD & Catalog section.

Step 8:

è Upgrade Progress

Click on Upgrade.

Completing 100% of upgrade process a Succeeded message will come and close button will enable.Click on Next button to complete upgrade.We can check out the log file,the path is displayed at the bottom of the Examiner Screen.


è Upgrade Success:

In upgrade success screen you can see the path of log file where it is saved named postupgrade.Click close button to close the Upgrade Assistance Utility.

After upgrade the new rpd will automatically configure into Enterprise Manager (EM). Now Stop BI Services and verify the upgrade. Open the rpd into Administration Tool using new password.

Look of RPD in OBIEE10g:

New Look of RPD in OBIEE 11g:

Look of Catalog in OBIEE10g:

New Look of Catalog in OBIEE11g :

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