Parent Child Hierarchies In OBIEE 11g

Parent Child hierarchies are different from normal level based hierarchies not only in the nature of their structure but also in the way aggregations are done. For example, in a level based hierarchy, the most common type of aggregation that is done involves rolling up the numbers from the lower most level. But in the case of parent-child hierarchy, an aggregation by default enforces the roll-up across all descendant members.

Right Click on any dimension column and click on Dimension with Parent-Child Hierarchy.

Give the Parent Key and Member Column.

Now click on Parent-Child Settings.

Create Parent-Child Relationship Table (middle one – yellow arrow).

After clicking new give the name for the DDL and DML scripts. This wizard will create the SQL scripts.Click Next.

After finishing the wizard you can see the HierarchyTable got imported automatically.

Now go to the scripts location and run the DDL & DML scripts and commit the changes.

Update the row count and make sure table got created properly.

Pull the BMM model to presentation layer and create presentation folders.

Now we are done with the metadata definition. Save the RPD and make sure there are no consistency errors.

Running answers and verifying the hierarchy.

Here we can see the Parent-Child Hierarchy which we created.

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