Date Last Refreshed in Answers Page

Step 1: Open RPD and Go to ManageàVariables.

Create a new Initialization Block in Session Variables.

Step2: In Variable Target Click on Edit Data Target and create a New Variable.

Step3:  Write the SQL statement  as

SELECT ‘:USER’ || ‘, Data Last Refreshed : ‘ || to_char(sysdate,’DD-MON-YY HH24:MM:SS’)  FROM DUAL

Click the Browse button and browse the Connection Pool.

Open the RPD in Offline mode and Test for the Connection Pool whether it is active or not.

Step 4: Save the PRD, Check consistency.

Step5: Open the Answers Page by using the user credentials then we can see the Username who had login with the date and time of the user login.

By bidevatapraveenkumar Posted in OBIEE

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