Log Files in OBIEE 11g

Log Files in OBIEE 11g:


In Enterprise Manager Console you can find the Most Recent Errors and Most Recent Warnings. After warning messages, you can also see all the log files grouped by categories using Log Viewer.

Available files:

• Presentation Services Log
• Server Log
• Scheduler Log
• JavaHost Log
• Cluster Controller Log
• Action Services Log
• Security Services Log
• Administrator Services Log

The log files for OBIEE components are found under /instances/instance1/diagnostics/logs

Different type of log files:

Presentation Server log files:

Files: sawlog0.log, webcatupgrade0.log
BI Server log files:
Files: nqquery.log, nqserver.log, servername_NQSAdminTool.log, servername_nQUDMLExec.log, servername_obieerpdmigrateutil.log
Scheduler log:
Files: nqscheduler.log

Cluster Controller log:
Files: nqcluster.log
ODBC log:
OPMN log:

Files: debug.log, logquery~NUMBER.log, opmn.log, opmn.out, service.log

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